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Lawn Restoration

Lawn Restoration Glassboro, NJ Poor lawn installations often have a history of lack of weed control and low fertilization. The turf will probably have many areas that are weed & moss infested. The grass will be open and spare with patches of compacted soil visible. This is especially so, if the soil is predominantly clay. This is where our lawn restoration services come into the picture.

Maintaining lawns that will enhance the appeal of our client’s properties is something we at Greentree do with great passion and care. As seasoned lawn care professionals, we endeavor to offer customized services that will meet the specific needs of your property. Lawn restoration is a specialized job and we have the expertise to tailor solutions for your commercial or residential property.

Our expertise has helped us build a very solid customer base in South Jersey.

Types of Custom Lawn Restoration

Depending on what the starting condition of your turf is, the changes you want to make, and your budget, we can do lawn renovation using a variety of methods. Although seeding is an excellent method to rejuvenate residential lawns, sometimes the turf isn’t easily salvageable due to problems such as:

  • Poor topsoil
  • Excessive thatch layer
  • Heavy infestations
  • Disease
  • The growth of undesirable grasses and weeds

Re-Seeding For Lawn Restoration

Sometimes, even the selective removal of weeds can be extremely challenging and ineffective due to factors like soil quality etc. In these situations, the ideal approach is often a broader lawn restoration, involving the physical removal of existing grass/sod. We will add new soil and then over-seed.

Re-Sodding For Residential Lawn Renovation

Re-sodding can prove to be an expensive proposition. However, it results in the creation of healthy, weed-free and beautiful lawn spaces consisting of a combination of premium certified grass species, without the use of any synthetic, harmful pesticides.

Complete Turf Restoration - The Work Process

If your lawn is excessively weak or thin and has some disease or minor infestation, complete lawn rejuvenation is the only solution. This is the work process we follow:

  • Thatch & seed turf areas where needed.
  • Fertilize
  • Water newly seeded areas.

For more information on our services, feel free to speak with the Greentree experts at (856) 881-2228. To send us queries and for information about lawn restoration cost via email, please use this Online Form and we will revert shortly.

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