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Landscape Lighting Installation, Repair & Maintenance

Landscape Lighting Glassboro, NJ Landscape design and installation is a specialized job and hiring skilled operators to handle it for you helps create outdoor spaces that look stunning and add to the value of your property. While the plants, trees, lawns and hardscaping features need to be installed and maintained well, you also need to make sure that all the outdoor lighting features on your property are installed and maintained well.

Well-lit landscapes are a pleasure to use and the right amount of illumination improves the security levels of the property. We at Greentree are reputed and experienced company that provides comprehensive landscape lighting and maintenance services to residential and commercial clients.

As an experienced and expert local landscape lighting company, we know exactly what types of lighting fixtures and fittings should be used to create the effect and ambience you need.

Landscape Lighting Design

Our landscape lighting designers adopt a highly creative and scientific approach to creating outdoor lighting plans that will be tailored to suit your preferences and the layout of your landscape. Here are some aspects of the job that we focus on:

  • Number of Lights - While it’s important to have the right number of lights and lighting fixtures in different parts of the landscape, excessive lighting will only bring in too much glare. This is why our designers use strategically-placed lighting to illuminate the landscape well without being overly bright.

  • Types of Lighting Fixtures - We use low voltage outdoor accent lighting that will be able to endure the external environment. Care is taken to enclose wiring properly and all the work is completed with safety, functionality, and aesthetics in view.

Outdoor Lighting Maintenance

In addition to having the right type of lighting, you also need to ensure its maintained well. We offer excellent landscape lighting plans that can include:

  • Replacement of burnt out bulbs
  • Removal of debris from lighting fixtures
  • Replacing broken light stakes
  • Reburying exposed wiring
  • Repairing cut wiring
  • Repairing broken lights
  • Tightening loose components
  • Refocusing light projections
  • Checking the voltage at transformers
  • Resetting timers

We create yard lighting maintenance plans that meet your needs and are best-suited for your property. If you are looking for excellent services, Greentree is the company to come to. For any more information or for a free estimate of your lawn care requirement, feel free to contact us at (856) 881-2228. You are assured of the best services at a very competitive landscape lighting maintenance cost.

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