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Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance Glassboro, NJ Lawn installations add a very distinctive look to your property; they lend greenery and freshness to the outdoor spaces and become a great backdrop for all the other features there. Once you get your lawns installed from expert landscapers you also need to make sure they are maintained well.

We at Greentree are a reputed and experienced company that provides comprehensive lawn maintenance services to residential and commercial clients in and around South Jersey. Each year we handle a significant number of projects for our clients in South Jersey.

The turf installations on your property see a significant amount of wear and tear and have to withstand climatic changes as well, and only healthy grass will be able to withstand these conditions. We are the experts that provide excellent custom lawn care solutions to residential and commercial customers across the region.

Lawn Care Services

As experienced lawn and landscape contractors, we have very deep knowledge of the composition of local soils, and the different types of grass that can be grown here. We use this knowledge to design custom lawn care plans that include a number of different services such as:

  • Mowing & trimming
  • Over-seeding/sod replacement
  • Broadleaf weed-control
  • Crabgrass control
  • Seeding & sodding
  • Thatching & seeding
  • Fall clean up
  • Spring cleanup
  • Lawn maintenance (weekly and bi-weekly)
  • 7 step fertilization & pesticide plans

Spring & Fall Leaf Clean Up

The landscape takes on a very beautiful appearance at the change of season; and while the green, brown orange and red leaves create a stunning display in the outdoor spaces, they also litter the lawns and other areas. Leaving them there for extended periods of time mars the look of your landscape, and the decomposing leaves and debris can result in fungal and pest infestations in your lawns. We provide comprehensive residential and commercial spring and fall lawn clean up services.

Specialized Turf Care Services

The other services we offer at these times of the year are the seasonal pre-emergent weed control applications. This helps deter the growth of weeds right through spring. We also handle dirt work and various haul-off activities such as grading, backfilling, removal of unwanted soil etc. that may be required while we are carrying out lawn maintenance.

Every job is carried out with attention to detail and we ensure that only the best products and latest technology and techniques are used in the work. If you are looking for excellent lawn maintenance services, Greentree is the company for you.

For any more information or for a free estimate of your lawn care requirement, feel free to contact us at (856) 881-2228. You are assured of the best services at a very competitive lawn maintenance cost.

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